Welcome to Center for Legal Help online. This site is in response to numerous inquiries for more information about the Center's services and resources. It is our desire to share the solutions and professionals we found of greatest value and benefit to our clients. The Center is currently developing a comprehensive website, so please return for updates and valuable new resources.

At the Center for Legal Help, we believe protecting your legal rights should not be a an economic hardship. We specialize in helping educate our client's and in unraveling the complexity of the processes for which you are seeking help.

We can help educate you about options that deliver results and value with both attorney and non-attorney choices. Because we are the "wholesaler" of services, we can give recommendations that are not limited. Remember, whether it is your doctor, mechanic, or legal professional, there can be extreme ranges in the quality and value of services.

"Equal Justice & Value" means providing compassionate and competent legal service while protecting the clients financial obligation with integrity and fairness.

The Center for Legal Help
Service And Options

Center for Legal Help is a service that quickly matches you with specialists, advisers and attorneys in your local area. Regardless of what state you live in, the Center can usually help.

Our goal is to help you find proven solutions--whether that turns out to be a licensed legal professional or a non-attorney option, we will present various options and let you decide which best suits your legal and financial situation. And if you need to speak to a local professional to help you make that final decision, we can provide access to lawyers under no hourly fees for those consultations.

  • Speak with knowledgeable professionals
  • Learn how to get the facts in front of the court for a judicial decision
  • Experienced lawyers that will fight for rights
  • Attorney consultations without hourly fees
  • Professional Legal Document Assistance
  • Legal Service Plans
  • Document Preparation Services

You do have options. At Center for Legal Help, we offer various solutions that take into consideration your financial factors. And unlike some attorney solutions, we are not limited or biased to one approach. So, even if you have been told you can't afford or get help, there are usually options!
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Legal Matters
Pulling from thousands of attorneys and decades of legal expertise we can help you pick the solution that fits your current situation.

Family Law:

  • Child Custody
  • Enforcement of Child Custody
  • Modification of Child Custody
  • Divorce Contested
  • Divorce Uncontested
  • Child Support
  • Modification of Child Support
  • Enforcement Child Support
  • Out of State Family Law
  • Out of State Child Custody
  • Visitation Enforcement
  • Visitation Modification
  • Grandparents Rights' and Solutions
  • Temporary Restraining Orders
  • Temporary Custody Orders
  • Emergency Protective Custody Orders
  • Fathers Rights Specialist
  • Mothers Rights Specialist
  • Self Help Divorce Solutions
  • Self Help Child Support Solutions
  • Self Help Child Custody Solutions
  • Child Support Calculators
  • Self Help Resources and Information
  • Case Managers

The Center for Legal Help has local attorneys and legal document assistants specialize in child custody, divorce and separation, child support, family law, fathers rights, mothers rights, bankruptcy (chapter 7 and chapter 13), restraining orders, grandparents rights and visitation.

Our national and local attorney network also covers out of state and non-local jurisdiction. Including but not limited to family law, establishment, enforcement or modification of child custody or child support, traffic tickets and accidents, commercial driving, landlord property disputes, insurance claims, wills and trust, unfair billing, immigration, identity theft, security deposits, IRS/Tax related, child support, personal injury, DUI, real estate, tax, insurance law and more.
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Legal vs Medical
With spiraling medical costs becoming a crisis that is leaving a growing percentage of Americans without access to basic medical care; emergency rooms are often the last resort for those without access to medical care. Treatable, non-serious health issues go unaddressed and become serious or even untreatable simply due to cost!

Similarly, many Americans are not having their legal situations properly diagnosed or are losing their rights all together simply because of cost. Legal issues, especially in family law cases, can be as financially devastating and catastrophic as severe medical issues. For many, going without representation (pro se) becomes the last resort, often ending in default judgments and loss of legal rights. Though there are many amazing organizations like "Equal Justice Works" helping thousands, for the less affluent, what is written above the steps of the supreme court, "Equal Justice Under Law" becomes an irony of injustice. It was recently said that it would be more accurate to say:

Equal Justice Under Law - Above Columns of the Supreme Court ..."As Much Justice As You Can Afford".

How It Works
Quality and Cost Are Not Bound. Even if you have been told you cannot afford help we often have a solution or program that will make winning possible.

Asking for Help is Easy:

    1. Complete the Request for Below
    2. Speak with a trained specialist or request an appointment
    3. Pick the options that are best for you.
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Testimonial2"I have been asked to write a small testimonial about the advice I received. All I can say is RING THEM now. For all your help, thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart." Rachael O., Denver, CO


Testimonial3“Finally, lawyers that care about hope, justice and healing rather than money ...I am now paying a fair amount and seeing my children and for the first time in 6 years. Thank you! I am so very grateful.” Bobby K, Austin, TX


Testimonial4"With my legal situation, I got quick answers that saved me thousands of dollars ... I feel so relieved. I am so glad I filled out this information form." Vicky R., Chicago, IL


Testimonial5"I was amazed how fast I was able to modify custody and I have my children back... Plus I saved so much money." David F., Cincinnati, OH


Testimonial1"Without your help with my divorce, I would have lost my legal rights." Terry G., CA


"I Retained the CFLH plan attorney Morris and was very satisfied with the manor in which my case was handled and resolved and the care and professionalism provided to me and my family during this stressful event. Ms. Morris provided us with positive approaches and outlooks."
Thomas P., Riverside CA








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